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Rigas Mikroautobusu satiksme

In the sector of passenger carriages Rigas Mikroautobusu satiksme company has been successfully working successfully since 2013. The company ensures public transport services of the quality level that complies with the requirements of the European Union.

RP SIA "Rīgas satiksme"

The company provides public transport services in Riga, offers various types of transport for rent, as well as operates Riga municipal parking lots

Riga City Council

Riga City Council

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Pay with E-ticket in minibuses

Rīga, 17 April 2013.

As of 1 May, in minibus routes 200, 224 and 267 serviced by “Rīgas mikroautobusu satiksme”, it is possible to pay with the E-ticket (E-talons) that contains full-fare tickets for 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 20 and 50 journeys. In addition, it will be possible to purchase the tickets in a minibus.
The tickets for minibuses are identical with those of the public transport in Rīga and those can be uploaded in the yellow and blue (personalised and non-personalised) E-tickets in any sales point as until now. Passengers using discounts in the public transport provided by “Rīgas satiksme”, as of 1 May can upload full-fare tickets in their personalised E-tickets and pay with them in minibuses. However, the tickets with partial or full discount uploaded in the E-ticket will be registered in the transport of “Rīgas satiksme”.
“Rīgas satiksme” would like to invite those passengers who use discounts on the public transport provided by “Rīgas satiksme” to use the same E-ticket for the minibuses and upload full-fare tickets. Therefore passengers will avoid the cases when the card reader in the transport registers tickets from two E-tickets.
“Rīgas satiksme” hereby notifies that only those tickets for one journey will be valid in minibuses. Neither monthly tickets, nor time or group tickets can be used in minibuses.
At the same time it should be noted that none of the discounts provided by the Rīga City Council – to pupils, students, pensioners and persons with Group III disability – can be used in minibuses, these people will have to buy full-fare tickets, the same as other passengers. However, passengers, who use discounts provided by the state, namely, persons with Group I and II disability, persons with disability under the age of 18, as well as persons accompanying a person with Group I disability or person with disability under the age of 18, can register their personalised E-ticket or receive a ticket free of charge at the driver in the public transport in Rīga.
More information on services provided by “Rīgas satiksme”, route schedules, types of tickets and other news is available at the Internet website, social networks Twitter, Facebook, or via toll free telephone 80001919.
Additional information:
Viktors Zaķis,
Press Secretary of RP SIA Rīgas satiksme
Telephone: 67104778
Mobile: 22005760
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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