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Pupil’s e-card

Introduction of pupil’s e-card.
In 2013 Riga started the introduction of the pupil’s e-cards, which combine the functions of both the pupil’s certificate and the e-ticket for transportation.

E-ticket advantages

Passengers appreciate the advantages of e-ticket.
Five years after the introduction of the electronic payments system in Riga public transport, a very large majority of passengers believe that e-tickets are modern, convenient and easy-to-use.

Mykoob cooperation

Rīgas Karte in cooperation with Mykoob opens a new project in Latvia.
It is now possible to keep tracks about pupil's safety and school attendance with a personalized e-ticket

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Rigas Karte is a Latvian joint venture with public and private shareholders:

  51% Rigas Satiksme, public transport operator of Riga

  49% Conduent, worldwide leader for e-ticketing solutions


Rigas Karte and its sahreholders have agreed in 2007 to a "Build Operate and Transfer" (BOT) contract with Rigas Satiksme until December 2020

Every day Rigas Karte supervises the daily operations of the e-talons sales network, of the monies collection, of the controlling equipment on-board the buses/trolleys/trams, of the web sales, of the inspectors' portable terminals, Rigas Karte manages the Ticket Vending Machines and operates the central server.

We make every day complex statistical reporting of technical and financial data for more than 500 000 transactions per day.

Every day we also supervise and report the operations of the inspectors' portable selling and control devices of Pasazieru Vilciens train company (operations discontinued since 2014).
We developed and we supervise a control system for a Riga municipality Welfare programme

More than 7770 pupils outside Riga use their e-talons for travelling to school and to get their lunch at the canteen.

We were founded with the purpose to create, finance, manage and pass the latest technological developments to the infrastructure of public transport of Riga city- buses, trams and trolleybuses.

  • 1 stage. Creation of the system - introduction and adaptation;
  • 2 stage. System management - support of the whole system during 12 years, including distribution of tickets and support of client center;
  • 3 stage. Transmission of the system – upon agreement completion, the municipal enterprise "Rīgas satiksme will become the owner of the electronic ticketing system.

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