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Rigas Mikroautobusu satiksme

In the sector of passenger carriages Rigas Mikroautobusu satiksme company has been successfully working successfully since 2013. The company ensures public transport services of the quality level that complies with the requirements of the European Union.

RP SIA "Rīgas satiksme"

The company provides public transport services in Riga, offers various types of transport for rent, as well as operates Riga municipal parking lots

Riga City Council

Riga City Council

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"Rigas Karte" registered as an Electronic Money Institution

Riga, January 2013.

In January 2013, Rigas Karte was registered as an Electronic Money Institution by FKTK, the Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission.

The Financial and Capital Market Commission is an autonomous public institution, which carries out the supervision of Latvian banks, credit unions, insurance companies and insurance brokerage companies, participants of financial instruments market, as well as private pension funds, payment institutions and electronic money institutions.

Payment with e-talons e-money is one of the fastest and most convenient payment methods.  At the moment it is possible to pay for street parking in Riga.

The e-talons card is a very powerful smart card, which serves not only for half a million trips every day in Riga public transport, but as well keeps electronic money in small amounts.

If you have an e-talons smart card and wish to pay for car parking on Riga streets by e-talons instead of cash or bankcards, you just have to present your e-talons on the park meter reader and it’s done!

No Pin code to enter, no coins to search, no hassle!

Where to load some e-money into your e-talons for yourself, your kid, … ?

It is possible to load e-money into your e-talons at any Rigas Satiksme Client Center  and at any e-talons Ticket Vending Machine.







If you lose or break your e-talons, if it is stolen, your unused e-money can be restored in a new e-talons card at any Rigas Satiksme Client Center  A small fee for the new card issuance and e-money reloading process shall apply.

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