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RP SIA "Rīgas satiksme"

The company provides public transport services in Riga, offers various types of transport for rent, as well as operates Riga municipal parking lots

Rigas Mikroautobusu satiksme

In the sector of passenger carriages Rigas Mikroautobusu satiksme company has been successfully working successfully for more than 10 years. The company ensures public transport services of the quality level that complies with the requirements of the European Union.

Riga City Council

Riga City Council

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E-talons = pupils card

Since 2012 e-talons also serves as pupil’s ID, school entrance card, and meals payment card.
It is branded as "Skolena e karte" in Riga.

pupul card

Until 2012, in order to prove the right to have a discount for trips in public transportation and to prove identity, Riga City pupils had a paper ID with their photo and an e-talons card.

Riga City Municipality in negotiations with Rigas Karte decided to make a unified card which would serve both as ID at school and everywhere in Riga and as the transportation card:







The E-talons with customized graphics for pupils has been used in Riga already for 2 years.

In some pilot schools in Riga, the pupil's e-card works as school entrance card in cooperation with electronic regsitration journals MyKoob and E-klase. It is used as meals payment card at school canteens as well.

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