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Riga City Council

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Pupils’ safety becomes more topical in the beginning of the school year. “Rīgas karte” offers a solution

Rīga, 13 September 2012.

With the new school year approaching, the pupils in Rīga’s schools are provided e-cards that unite the functions of E-ticket (E-talons) and pupils’ card. In three schools of Rīga, in addition to the installed turnstiles’ system, the card is used to enter in the school building. The time is as well detected, when a pupil enters the building. This information can be accessed by teachers and parents in the on-line system “MyKoob” and “E-klase” and in future, parents, who would like to follow their children, will receive automatic SMS at the moment, when the child enters or leaves the school premises.
The installed turnstiles at the school door improve the pupils’ security, thereby restricting the possibility that unauthorised people can enter the school premises. Currently, the municipal police ensure one policeman near the school; policeman is responsible for monitoring the territory adjacent to the school. However, management of the school is responsible for the inside and the persons entering the school are monitored by the person on duty, therefore the control is ensured visually recognising unauthorised persons. The turnstiles have improved the control and security of pupils, as well as the work of person on duty has been facilitated. The system of turnstiles complies with the fire safety regulations and it is connected to the school alarm system. If fire fighting alarm system or other type of alarm turns on, the turnstiles are automatically lowered allowing the pupils to leave the premises easily.
Along with improved security, the attendance of classes is promoted. According to Inese Tīmane, the Public Relations specialist of the Rīga Municipality Police, pupils during classes often are in the Internet cafés or similar places, which are regularly inspected by the police officials to ensure order. Implementation of electronic attendance control system that would control the attendance of school would help to solve such matters for parents and school officials.
Development opportunities of the E-ticket in future include use of the E-ticket as electronic wallet that allows receiving benefits provided for purchase of study aids and use it as payment means at the school canteen and specialised stores. Use of the E-ticket at the school canteen can allow parents to ensure that the money is used for healthy food rather than junk food, forbidden substances or at the said Internet cafés. To ensure that pupils can use the electronic wallet when paying for lunch, the card readers should be installed in the school canteens that would require also the parents’ acceptance.
The use of E-card might as well reduce the crimes against minors. Using the electronic wallet, parents can be sure that the pocket money of the child will not be taken away and the child is more protected from possible unlawful activities.
According to data for 6 months of 2012 provided by Iveta Drunka, Inspector of the Department of Methodological Management, of the Preventive Unit of the State Police, the inspectors working on the cases that involve minors reviewed 3,124 applications and complaints in the entire country on unlawful activity and illegitimate activities towards the minors.
Use of the E-ticket would allow pupils to make non-cash settlements and help to increase the pupils’ security and reduce the crime.
Andris Ameriks, the Deputy Chairman of the Rīga City Council, at the press conference on the readiness of schools for the approaching school year, indicated that during this school year it is planned to implement the electronic attendance registration system in at least 20 more schools. The first schools were equipped with the help of “Rīgas karte”, who is experienced and possesses the necessary technical equipment for implementation of similar projects.
SIA “Rīgas karte” information
Additional information:
Ilona Zaiceva,
Telephone: 67326300
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Rīga 13 September 2012
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