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Pupil’s e-card

Introduction of pupil’s e-card.
In 2013 Riga started the introduction of the pupil’s e-cards, which combine the functions of both the pupil’s certificate and the e-ticket for transportation.

E-ticket advantages

Passengers appreciate the advantages of e-ticket.
Five years after the introduction of the electronic payments system in Riga public transport, a very large majority of passengers believe that e-tickets are modern, convenient and easy-to-use.

Mykoob cooperation

Rīgas Karte in cooperation with Mykoob opens a new project in Latvia.
It is now possible to keep tracks about pupil's safety and school attendance with a personalized e-ticket

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Fullfilled Projects

Payment for trips in trains

Starting from 01.10.2013 – trains have been included into the transportation system as additional operator. 

E-talons = pupils card

Since 2012 e-talons also serves as pupil’s ID, school entrance card, and meals payment card.
It is branded as "Skolena e karte" in Riga.

E-talons = City Guide card

CityGuideCARD in cooperation with Rigas Karte has created the tourist's privileges card for discount in many participating shops and venues, while being a fully fledged e-talons for public transportation in Riga.

E-talons – transportation card for particular categories of passengers

Based on excellent results achieved in Riga, we plan to develop our ticketing solution to more cities and intercity transportation in Latvia.

E-talons for welfare department social services

Multifunctional e-talons can be used for warm meals distribution to low-income groups.

E-ticket system

The electronic ticketing system in Riga city has been successfully working since March 1, 2009.


For local and national authorities and for private businesses Rigas Karte offers several directions of partnership in the field of contactless cards applications:

  • for public transport (municipal, regional, intercity, road and rail)
  • for public establishments (schools, universities, museums, libraries, etc.)
  • for on and off-street parking
  • for secured access control (public buildings, appartment buildings)

Our goal is to make your business more successful, therefore we are always ready to hear your opinion, your suggestions and wishes, and also to consider the individual variants of collaboration.

We will be glad to see as our partners ministries, municipalities and state companies, transport operators, private companies, that are oriented to responsible and mutually beneficial development.

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